Just another manic Monday …

It’s been quite a busy Monday for me with me spending pretty much the full day writing a report for one of the business units and updating my boss on what had happened while she was on holiday for two weeks. I didn’t even have time to have lunch – at the end I only had one small chocolate, one Mozartkugeln (my last one!), and one Cherry Ripe. I know, not very healthy – but I just simply didn’t have time to have lunch.

I do like it when I’m busy though – the day just flies past! It’s much better facing a hectic day rather than watching the clock ticking slowly. 😀

I had a heavy dinner though while watching Australian Idol – the Results show – two plateful of rice with some Ingham sesame chicken nuggets. I had it with hot chilli sauce and sweet soy sauce (Kecap ABC). Yummmm. I have started to be more conscious with what I eat and the boundaries on what I should or should not take — I heard today that one of the Managers in my department might have to have a bypass surgery because of her heart condition. Now that is scary … 🙁

Well, I’m about to take my cup of rooibos tea and have my shower. Time to face Tuesday before I take Wednesday off to go to the Royal Adelaide Show! Oh yeah, it’s been raining and windy too for the past two days – I love it. There’s something rejuvenating when the weather is a tad stormy! I love it!

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