Weekly10 [09|09|07]

I’m having a mild headache whilst watching the first final of the Australian Idol, I didn’t feel like writing a blog entry tonight, but if I don’t do it today, I will miss my Weekly10 for this week. So here it is! My list for the week ending on the 09/09/07!




  • My european corner is taking shape nicely. I will reveal the pictures soon!
  • Mozartkugeln – such a yummy chocolate treat!
  • The Royal Adelaide Show 2007 started on Friday. I’m taking Wednesday off to go to the Show!
  • Port Power is through to the Preliminary Final!
  • Bought another Ikea Markör bookcase for the living room and built it on my own. Who’s da man!


  • Having a mild cold and headache towards the end of this week. Argh!
  • Dealing with church politics with people who don’t like the leadership – grow up, man!
  • The Knivsta clamp light that I bought from ikea doesn’t fit the Markör bookcase! 😡
  • Victoria Square – I really hope the smart traffic planners in the city will do something about Victoria Square. All those buses trying to stop at the same stop and deal with the pedestrian crossing and the narrowed lane. 
  • Stuck backdoor – due to the weather changes, the backdoor sags a bit and it’s getting really difficult to open it now. Time to change it to a sliding door, perhaps.

Knivsta Light


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