RIP – Luciano Pavarotti

The grand tenor Luciano Pavarotti passed away today after battling pancreatic cancer — he was such a larger than life singer and I’m sure that his passing away is felt by every musician and music afficionados all over the world. Rest in Peace, Signore Pavarotti!

Sognami - Alessandro Safina


I’m listening to my latest CD acquisition, Sognami by Alessandro Safina. Ahhhhh, he’s such a fine tenor – when he sings his songs, I can still feel the emotions. There are a lot of tenors thesedays and they show off their techniques and their voice and sometimes I can’t feel any emotions in their songs at all. For example, I love Josh Groban’s first CD but he lost some of the emotions and sincerity in his second album – thankfully he regained some in his latest album. I have followed Alessandro Safina’s journey from his first album – and loving all his three albums.

This is a clip of his song Luna, from his first album:


Alessandro also sang with Elton John in 2002 for the soundtrack of Moulin Rouge – and I think the song must have been used for some kinda campaign because I found a clip of that song in YouTube in a different arrangement, complete with scenes of children and David Beckham! Have a look here:


There’s not much to write about my life – this week has proven to be quite tough mentally and I will be happy to face the weekend at last. I had a haircut today so at least I can feel better and look better for the weekend, rather than looking like a chinese redneck mountain boy … hahaha.

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