It sucks being single again


Here I am sitting in the living room, with Indy warming himself in front of the gas heater – the house is quiet except for the gurgling sound of my aquarium’s water filter. There’s nothing interesting on TV after “Touch”. Yani left today to visit her family in Indonesia – her father is unwell so she has to head back home. I would’ve come along if I could – but I have a lot of commitments at work and besides, I can’t really afford to fly to Indonesia. My yuppie days are long gone!

Initially when Yani and I discussed the possibility of her going on her own, I said that I would be fine. I had spent a lot of my time alone before I met her. I thought of the things that I could do in the house again – with the liberty of having the house all to myself again. However, having been married for nearly three years has made Yani and I are a unit together. I started missing her just I walked out of the airport alone. I missed her even more when I entered the house after church today with Indy quizzically looking at me, expecting Yani to come along.

I will probably get used to being on my own again soon – she’ll be in Indonesia for 3.5 weeks but after enjoying sharing my life with her, I come to realise that it sucks being single again!

Viva los Jomblos!

(No, Jomblo is not a Spanish word! It’s a colloquial Indonesian word for a single man or a single woman).


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