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25 May

A view from my office - could you see Dr Bunsen Honeydew?


Today I sent my application for my PhD degree, even when I’m still waiting for the examiners’ reports for my Masters thesis. I have had a lot of internal dialogues whether I should proceed with my application or jump out to the industry again; however, my inquisitiveness and my need for mental stimulation won the day. The topic that I will tentatively take as my research degree will be quite different to the one that I did for my Masters – perhaps once it is finalised I can share it with everyone here as well.

I initially thought that I would take some time off after finishing my Masters, as it turns out, although I had stepped away from my research, I have been really busy with lecturing and tutoring. Now that the study period is almost over, if everything falls through, I will then start the period where I will focus my grey cells towards writing my PhD proposal and thesis. I haven’t had a lot of break, really – maybe a mini holiday around September or Christmas perhaps, time and finance permitting.

The last two years have taught me a lot about thinking even more systematically and logically. It has also taught me new skills in academic writing – not necessarily easy since we use strange and complicated words a lot. 🙂 It did give me more grey hair as well that provided Yani with a lot more targets to pluck. Who knows what I would look like in three years – having more grey hair is almost guaranteed!

I’m ready for the next stage in my academic adventure – let’s see where it will lead me! 🙂


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