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It’s times like these that are quite dangerous for my well-being – I’m reasonably busy at work but mentally still quite weary after the two years of research for my Masters degree. This is the time when I am usually restless and wanting for a change again – a major holiday is out of question unfortunately as I am virtually pretty broke. Maybe I should take up a new project at home – plastering some hairline wall cracks or something. I believe I have passed a shallow burn-out period some weeks ago where I really had to push myself really hard to continue working and to chip away my tasks. I’m still a tad tired mentally but I am recovering. 🙂



I find it comical as well that an ad for Peugeot 508 makes me yearn for some corporate life again. The ad portrays somebody who is always on the go, in between meetings, phone calls and driving to the office and back home. I may be older now, but there is still a lot of fire in this body. 😉 I know full-well that a career back in the industry is as hectic and as busy as an academic career. It is certainly not paradise having to deal with economic uncertainty and performance targets – but I miss going to a ‘corporate’ office, having business meetings without debating about theories and hearing words such as ’empirical’, ‘causality’, ‘heuristics’, or ‘stochastic’. I also miss going to different countries and meeting different kinds of people – maybe I’ve started to reminisce about my Singapore years again. I would love to meet other folks from the industry and not being seen as an academic fuddy-duddy. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my current academic life – the mental stimulation, the freedom and flexibility. It gives me a different sense of satisfaction when I work with young researchers or students and see that I’m helping them understand better. I suppose I still have some leftover corporate yearning in me, it would take more than two years of academic environment to neutralise twelve years of corporate life.

In about three weeks time I should know pretty much where I am heading – it is very likely that I will continue on to PhD, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. However, there is still a part of me that wants to return to corporate world. In my latest Facebook status, I mentioned that the chance for me to take up PhD ranging from 55% to 70%. Today, in my state of mental restlessness, it is 55% … not statistically significant enough to be different from 50-50. 🙂


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