Weekly10 [02|09|07]

It’s Sunday evening, and I’ve just finished watching Australian Idol – the Wildcard Show. I suppose it’s that time of the day when I should update my Weekly10!


Mark Ricciuto


  • Spring is finally here!
  • iWork ’08 – a fantastic software and a real contender to Microsoft Office.
  • Being the runner-up on the Quiz Night on SaturdayWe should’ve won the first prize if not for some dodgy decision by the team leader, but at least it was a close battle!
  • Getting more houseplants – I bought two more houseplants, and divided my peace lily. It’s good to have a ‘greener’ home!
  • Both the Adelaide Crows and Port Power are in the Top-8!


  • The gardener broke a plank off my sidegate – I had to do some dodgy hammering job yesterday to fix it. Grr! 😡
  • Still not enough rain – we had a dry August and I hope we’ll have more rain soon!
  • Losing weight is a hard thing to do!
  • Roadworks around Adelaide – What’s with all of the roadworks happening at the same time in places around town? Argh! 😡
  • Australian Idol is a bit boring this year compared to the 2006 season! I can’t really relate to any of the singers at the moment.


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  1. With idol it does feel that way during the workshops series… usually it gets better once its in the spectacular shows starting specta 5/6, cause you’ll be attached to a few of the idol…..(a lesson from the pro here….huakakakak)

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