Three more years of madness


It seems like it was a short while ago that I faced the dilemma whether I should jump into the world of academia and turn my back on the career that I built in the finance sector. Since then, I finished my proposal, presented it and did hours and hours of research and writing and submitted my thesis at the end of February. I am waiting for the comments from my examiners at the moment and see how much I need to revise. If all goes well, I will have my graduation ceremony in August this year and some of my relatives from back home in Indonesia have mentioned that they want to come along for the graduation (including my mum!). Within those three sentences that you have just read, I learned more about advertising and media planning, and the scientific way of analysing consumer behaviour. A whole new world compared to the analysis that I used to do when I was still in the wonderful world of banking.

Today I had a chat with some senior members of the Institute again on what I wanted to do. Many months ago when I was completing my thesis, I mentioned that I would be taking six months off after I submitted my thesis and focused on teaching while also deciding whether I want to continue my study to PhD level. I suppose the crazy hours of analysis and staying up all night until 6am somehow don’t deter me from jumping even deeper into academia! 😀 I mentioned to the potential supervisors that I would be interested in continuing my study and I mentioned the areas that I would love to study further. Some of you may say that I am crazy in even contemplating PhD and having more damage to my brain cells. However, for an inquisitive person like me, the two years have been intellectually rewarding – yes I’ve had moments when my head was spinning like Linda Blair’s or when I was faced with things to analyse that seemed too difficult to tackle – nevertheless, I have expanded my thinking horizon, I learn new skills, I look at things from differing angles. Although I am one of the older students in the group, mixing with younger, bright and ambitious folks keep me on the go. They spur me to keep on going while the wisdom accumulated along the years enables me to smile and tut-tut silently when I pick the battles that I can win.

I don’t know what the future holds – perhaps I will end up being a silver-haired academic. Who knows? One of the reasons for contemplating academia in the first place was the ability to travel around the world from good old Adelaide. Well my globetrotting world hasn’t started after two years – except for a conference in New Zealand and a work trip to Albury-Wodonga *grin*. Maybe it will happen during my PhD years, who knows.

So, thanks to my late father’s intellect and my mother’s stubbornness and curiosity, I am about to tackle the world of doctorate studies starting from the second half of the year. My Masters years have given me more grey hairs and I’m sure the three more years of brain massages and sleepless nights will give me a lot more.

Bring it on, I’d say. 🙂

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