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It’s ten minutes to 2am, I am dead tired but still awake, waiting for the second batch of my Wingko Babat to finish baking. I’ve volunteered to make some for Kartini Day (Indonesian Women’s Emancipation Day) tomorrow so we can sell them along with some other Indonesian dishes at our food stall. For the first time ever, a group of us from the Indonesian church are participating in the celebration by having our own stall. We’re not formally representing the church so we use a whimsical name for our stall name – Waroeng tjap Potret Nona Nyengir. 🙂 Apart from my Wingko Babat (Javanese Coconut Cake), another friend will make some Taart Susu (Timorese Milk Cake). We’re also selling Mie Ayam Jamur (Dry Noodle with Mushroom and Chicken Topping), Bakwan Udang (Prawn and Corn Fritters), and Nasi Ayam Rica (Spicy Grilled Chicken with Rice). The profit will be donated to the church for our upcoming church camp sometime this year.

Feeling physically and mentally tired but having to bake some cake still reminds me of my late aunt (my father’s older sister) who used to make some traditional Indonesian desserts for a living. Her husband manned a small cart that was stationed outside my uncle’s house and I remember buying some desserts from him when I was a young boy. Whenever we visited her house, there were trays upon trays of delicious Indonesian snacks that would be sold the next day. One of their daughters still carry the tradition, I believe.

Perhaps my newly found hobby of dessert making is not new after all. Mum loved to bake cakes when she was younger – she used to have a small brown ragged book containing all of the recipes that she had accumulated along the years. I believe my fifth sister has it now. So I guess I have inherited the baking genes from both sides of the family. 🙂 I don’t think I would turn this into a career – I use it more like a therapy now when I’m feeling mentally weary, trying new recipes and pushing my boundary little by little.

As I get older I find myself discovering the things that I do, that I used to notice my dad or my mum doing. My love of gardening that I got from Mum, the way that my voice croaked in the morning like my Dad’s, and now this … baking cakes to sell at 2am in the morning, just like my Aunt, or my Sister.

So before you laugh at your family member’s hobbies or quirkiness, just wait and see, you may turn into your mum or your dad as you get older … 🙂

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