Quiz Night

 Quiz Night

I’ve just got home from the Quiz Night organised by the Social Club from work. The event was held at Prospect Town Hall – a much better venue than the one used last year at the Ingle Farm Town Hall. We got the second prize, with just 1 point difference to the winner! If the team leader didn’t change the answers that I put for the ‘Spot the Eyes’ round, we would’ve won the night, but ah well – I had good fun anyway! 🙂

I enjoy quiz nights – heaps of fun! There were 10 in our table – Anne, David, Lisa, (can’t remember Lisa’s boyfriend’s name!), Leonie, Daniel, Michelle, Maxine, Heath and me. Daniel and Leonie kindly drove me home after the Quiz Night was over.

I got myself the mini-bottle of sparkling shiraz, a box of chocolate, and a company scarf – kinda nice as I’m sure somebody back in Bandung will appreciate the scarf. So now I’m feeling tired and sleepy, and I’m going to take a quick shower before heading to bed. I used to be able to stay up until 2am or later and get up on time in the morning – but not these days! I value my sleep! Hehehehe!

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