Les émotifs anonymes (Romantics Anonymous)


I watched this movie last week and I thought I should also post my review of this delightfully funny movie.

Les émotifs anonymes (Romantics Anonymous) is a simple movie about a talented chocolatier called Angélique Delange (Isabelle Carré). The problem is, she is extra shy – praises and compliments would make her lose consciousness. In stressful situations, her favourite habit is to sing the French version of “I have confidence in me” (from the Sound of Music). When an ailing chocolate company advertises for a sales representative, Angélique applies for the job, thinking that the company is looking for a chocolatier. The owner of the company, Jean-René Vandenhudge (Benoît Poelvoorde) also happens to be ultra-shy and awkward around women. A conversation with a woman would make him perspire so much that he would have to change his shirt several times. To overcome his shyness, his psychologist prescribes a series of simple tasks which includes taking a woman to dinner and touching another person. You can probably guess who the object of these tasks are – the awkward interactions between the two are the real heart of this movie, and how their relationship is formed.

This movie is funny without going over the top – Poelvoorde’s performance nicely complements Carré’s as two socially-inept people, trying to know each other better. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, this movie will probably make you hanker for a nice box of chocolate afterwards! My only criticism of this movie is the scenes towards the end – somehow the nice rhythm that is built within the three-quarters of the movie is changed so that things can be quickly concluded. It affects the flow a bit and I would’ve liked it if Jean-Pierre Améris continued with the flow and let the movie finish beautifully without rushing.

However, don’t let that deter you from watching Les émotifs anonymes – it’s a great Franco-Belgian pick-me-up and heartwarmer!




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