This is me … then.

Jennifer Lopez, 'This is Me ... Then,

Ahhh … weekend, glorious weekend! Today is the first day of Spring and the weather is extra pleasant with sunshine and gentle breeze. I have had my morning coffee and three toasted crumpets with butter and honey for breakfast. I have read the weekend paper, with the alarming headline that the underground water level in Adelaide has dropped 6 meters in the last two years due to the proliferation of bores in the city. I have had my morning shower and now I’m sitting outside in my European Corner, enjoying the morning sunshine and listening to Jennifer Lopez’s third album This is Me … Then,. The purchase is also the leftover of my younger years … hahaha … of the time when I still like cheesy love songs and more popular, mainstream artists.

The album’s not too bad actually – sort of R&B lovesongs and it must be embarassing for Jennifer Lopez to listen to the songs again, as some of the songs are heavily influenced by her then-relationship with Ben Affleck. There is even a song dedicated to him called Dear Ben … hehe. However, I suppose we all have episodes in our past that are embarassing. I’m sure that we all have had the Eww! experience when we had a look in our old High School Yearbook and saw our old objects of affection. “I used to like <such-and-such>???”. Hahaha. I’m sure that somebody out there would think similarly when they saw an old geeky photo of me during my highschool years. I was never part of the in-crowd, always too busy studying, achieving, and feeling insecure about myself. I remember at one time of feeling hurt that I wasn’t invited to one of my classmate’s birthday party – her name was Myrna. Funny the things that you remember all through the years, eh? 🙂 I came across her again when I was working for Citibank in Jakarta, I was already a Manager then, and she joined the Bank as one of the tellers in one of the branches. I didn’t get to meet her face to face but came across her name in the internal email system. Life does provide sweet revenge from time to time!

I still keep in touch with some of my old friends through Friendster or emails. I am such a lazy email writers thesedays unfortunately – I have lost contacts with many friends and acquaintances throughout the years. I hope that my old friends will come across my Blog and get in touch with me!

So, there you go, ‘This is me … then‘ – I’m sure that sometime in the future when I reread my blog entries, I will cringe at the banality and triviality of my thoughts and experience. However, this is me, at this point in time – changing and evolving everyday – shucking away some values, gaining new ones, or regaining some old ones.

I’m heading off to the local nursery now to get some indoor plants … time to enjoy the sunshine! Ooroo!

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