What a windy Thursday!

Peanut butter M&M

It’s a windy and hot day here in Adelaide – the temperature reached 30.1C at about 1pm – imagine that, a heatwave in Winter! The wind has been howling throughout the day as well – we can certainly hear it here on the third floor of the office. I feel sorry for all of the farmers and graziers in SA for having to endure another abysmal crop season. I don’t dare to predict on what kind of Summer that is ahead of us here in South Australia. That’s why I’m keen to have a rainwater tank installed at the house, so at least I can water the garden and the plants when there is a tighter water restriction.

I still haven’t had any lunch either – and it’s already 5.15pm – in about 15 minutes I will be heading home. I have been busy finalising a report that was requested last night – I checked my work email from home last night only to find that one of the Chief General Managers and one of the senior management members requested some information. So today, I’ve been scrambling around finishing a report that I finished at about 3pm. I only had a chance to eat some Peanut Butter M&Ms (mmmmm!!!!) and a couple of chocolate bars throughout the day. It’s been a hectic day!

I don’t have any energy to cook tonight so I think I’m going to have some KFC’s and veg out in front of the telly. Yeah, it will set back the lame exercise regime that I started last week, but ah well! 😛 I started to do 10 push-ups every morning last week, now I’m up to 12 push-ups every day because of the extra kilograms that I carry. I want to lose them in time for Spring and Summer!

Okay … time to head home and it’s still around 28C outside. Sheesh!

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