The end of an era


I grew up with cassettes and I remember switching over to CDs when I came to Adelaide the first time in the early 1990’s. I remember buying discounted cassettes from Woolworth’s in Rundle Mall and then gradually buying more CDs (that were on sale). Over the years, I have collected literally hundreds of CDs. I bought a lot of CDs during my years in Singapore – whenever I was bored after work, I would head down to the now-defunct Borders store at Wheelock Place. Being a yuppie then, I parted with my money much more easily – I would buy albums based on their covers if they caught my attention. I discovered many great (and not so great) artists that way. 🙂

So after years of listening to CDs and then gradually shifting to playing MP3s, the time finally came into my household to make the final switch to digital music. The first step was my purchase of Roku’s Soundbridge in around 2006 – this wonderful product allows me to listen to radio stations from all around the world that streams their broadcast through the Internet. I still sleep to the music from Klassik Radio in Hamburg, Germany. Soundbridge also allows me to listen to my music collection on my PC and MacBook through the wi-fi.

Then late last year, I purchased Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch through eBay – this wonderful device allows me to also listen to radio stations through wi-fi connection. Moreover, I can also attach an external harddrive with all of my MP3s to the device. Voila! I now have my personal jukebox at home – no more scanning through stacks and stacks of CDs or shuffling CDs in and out of the CD player.

Squeezebox Touch still needs to be attached to a speaker or to a soundsystem so I connected to my trusty old Sanyo stereo that I bought way back when Savery’s Retravision still had a store in Gawler Place. Sometime last year, the CD player would have some problems when I played certain albums. It couldn’t hold on to the CD for it to play. Then one of the speakers refused to work … I suppose after nine years of operation, my Sanyo sound-system just couldn’t handle it anymore. So yesterday I bought Altec Lansing speakers with a subwoofer for $42 from a store near the uni. The product receives great review despite its small size. I disconnected the cables and put the old stereo in the garage and connect my Squeezebox to the speakers. As I don’t have any CD players in my house anymore (if I’m really desperate, I can always play the CDs using my DVD player), I put some of the albums that I have copied into the harddrive into a box. It’s kinda sad to see it – but I suppose that’s life, eh? I would probably still buy CDs, but I would straight away copy them into the harddrive and then maybe put the physical CD straight into storage. So tonight I’m listening to a couple of albums seamlessly – from Afgan (an Indonesian pop singer) to Bach, and from England Dan & John Ford Coley to Sade – without me having to change any CDs. 🙂

I will still need to copy a lot more CDs into my harddrive – they are still taking a lot of space on the shelves. The end of the CD era has come to my household …

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