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Wednesday evening. 9.34pm – we’re on the home run for the weekend now. Hurrah! I had quite a pleasant day today – it wasn’t a busy day, work-wise. I had a meeting at 10.30am for half an hour, and then another one in the afternoon at 4.00pm, but unfortunately two of the important invitees didn’t come, so I had to reschedule till next week.

I didn’t do anything special this evening though – watched some Australian Idol, and cooked some Indomie Bumbu Rendang for dinner … hahaha. Now, I’m just chilling out with my cup of Rooibos tea before I retreat for the day. It’s scary to think that it’s the end of August already and that September will be here in a couple of days. I’m sure that once September hits, Christmas decorations and carols will hit the malls and shopping centres. The arrival of September also means that I can’t keep on telling people that I’m 34, and that I will be 35. I guess mentally I am already 35, even though people say that I look like 26-28. Haha. I’ll take the compliment! 😆

I do look forward to the end of the year though, because that means that I will pay off the re-roofing that I arranged when I bought the house in November 2005. After paying the downpayment, I have to pay the remainder over 24 installments. So, I certainly look forward to not having it charged on my credit card anymore!

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  1. I and colleagues went to karaoke after work last evening.
    It just hit me, when read your Blog this morning.
    Talking about the Christmas Ornament and short of things, well…. we did sing Christmas Carols yesterday 😛
    Which is…. it still August and not even September yet, and Christmas is all around HO HO HO 😛
    Anyway….we enjoyed that, coz we do hope for an earlier holiday, I guess hehehe 😉

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