Before I lay my head to sleep …

It’s been a while since I posted an update to my blog – I didn’t even write anything for Valentine’s Day (one of the most overrated day of the year when guilty lovers shower the other half with gifts and flowers and then back to neglecting them for the rest of the year).

I have been busy with my thesis as I am nearing the end of my research and my study (for now). The data has been fully analysed, the chapters written – I have even presented the results to the folks at the Institute. The presentation went really well with me getting some nice compliments from the audience including the Director – I also received some timely advice for my research implication chapter from some members of the Institute. Now that the presentation is out of the way, I am back to revising and updating the chapters to incorporate the comments and corrections from my supervisors. My scholarship ran out on Wednesday, so I am pretty much ‘payless’ until I submit my thesis. I aim to submit the thesis as soon as possible (tentatively set to be Monday, February 27th for now) as I have my mortgage to take care of and my expenses to pay as well. Ah, the joy of adulthood, eh? 🙂

The two years have proven to be interesting and challenging – I have learned a lot and used parts of my brain that had been left idle for a long time. 🙂 I also learn about presenting my case more logically and covering my grounds when I present my arguments. Now that it is nearly over, I am now presented with a choice on what I will do afterwards. At least for the next six months I will be busy at the University still – I have been asked to be the course coordinator and lecture Media Planning. As I enjoy teaching and interacting with students, I accept the challenge and offer with open arms. I am also going to tutor other subjects just to ensure that Yani and I will not end up being destitute in the next six months. I am leaning towards continuing to PhD afterwards – I do enjoy intellectual challenges a lot. However, I do need to consider other responsibilities as well, such as a steady income and how I can sustain my family. Whilst we have never been starving in the last two years, there were periods when I was quite worried about how I would be able to pay the bills and my mortgage. Gone were the days when I paid my credit cards in full and when I had leftover fund for fun and jaunts to far flung corners of the world. 🙂 Yani is still looking for a permanent job and it is seriously difficult to live on a single income in Australia. God has always provided us with what we need – but it has been quite a roller-coaster ride for the last two years, rather than a jolly walk in the park. I suppose it is also a contributing factor why we haven’t really seriously considered having an additional member to our family.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to make this blog post a sombre one. 🙂 My life has been richly blessed so far, even when I have done a lot of worrying … hahaha. It’s time that I head to bed so I can get up in the morning for a half-day training for new course coordinators. From my study I can hear Indy softly snoring outside in his doggy bed already. It’s time to call it a day and get ready for Friday.

Good night, world! 🙂



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