Lunar Eclipse


Bloody Moon

There’s a lunar eclipse out there tonight in Australia – ‘the’ moment will supposedly happen at 8.07pm ACST (Australian Central Standard Time). I’ve been looking at the moon from time to time – it’s 7.49pm now and the moon is already covered by the earth’s shadow so it’s a bit dark and bronzey at the moment. I’m watching Australian Idol at the moment though – Carl, the trumpet player, didn’t get through to the final unfortunately – hopefully they will invite him over to do the wildcards later on. The ones who are through so far are Matt Corby, Jacob Butler (happy that he’s through!), Lana Krost (a surprise – since even though she’s very pretty, she’s not the strongest in the team!), and Tarisai Vushe (woohoo!)

It’s ad-break again, so it’s time for me to check the moon …

Mmm, the moon is still bronzey-red, it’s very pretty! Too bad I don’t have a powerful enough camera to capture the amazing view.

Something to remember because the next lunar eclipse will be in 2011!

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