Emperor Nasi Goreng

I’ve just had my no-nonsense dinner – a bowl of microwaved ham and pea soup. I thought it would be wise for me to have a simple dinner after last night’s gluttony. Hehehe :blush: I had some eggs and a sachet of Indofood Spicy Fried Rice seasoning so I decided to make some nasi goreng. The sachet said that the seasoning was for 500 g of rice so I made plenty of rice for the nasi goreng. After having two plateful of it, I realised that I wouldn’t have enough for lunch tomorrow anyway so I ate the rest. Yeah, disgusting, eh? Haha. I reaped the impact this morning when I stepped on the scale – I gained extra 2 kilos from the fried rice. Sheesh. So there you go, I need to lose the kgs and continue my morning push-ups!

It was a pleasant day today – workwise it wasn’t bad at all, busy but manageable. I had sushi for lunch because again, I was aware of the big dinner that I had last night. I went to work earlier than usual to greet my new staff – she’ll be a member of my team for 12 months whilst my permanent staff is taking a 12-month maternity leave.

I took the 5.48pm bus home because I stayed a bit longer at the office – something weird when I went home though, as the lawn still looked unmown, but there were grass clippings everywhere. It seems that Barry, my monthly gardener has done the edging but stopped before he mowed the lawn. A bit bizarre really. I had a look at my sidegate, and one of the plank from my sidegate was off – Barry probably tried to open my sidegate to access my backyard (as he normally does) and found it too tight. He must have yanked it too hard. The backyard was also unmown but all of the edging was done already. I tried to call him but his number has been changed – so I’ll wait until tomorrow and see whether he will finish the job and fix the sidegate.

I’m going to watch Australian Idol now (four nights in a row! whoa!) – I hope Carl, the trumpet player will make it through to the final. For all of my blog readers who are not aware of Emperor Nasi Goreng, well, it is taken from Telstra BigPond’s ad … have a look here: 😀



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