In the wee small hours of the morning


There’s something beautiful about the beginning of the day – as the darkness lingers just for a little while, the silence is then suddenly disturbed by a single bird that dares to chirp to usher in the new day. As more birds join in the cacophony, the sky turns lighter into a shade of grey, with colours slowly emerging from their hiding. The earth is still in a quiet hush before the sun brightens up everything, as if taking a deep breath before jumping to start a new day. It is this exact moment that I consider very beautiful – if I am up early enough to experience it.

Admittedly it’s not by choice that I’ve been witnessing this phenomenon recently. It’s a similar situation today – I have been up all night, working on the last batch of my data. I am determined not to go to bed until I have finished the last seven sets of data that I need to work on. I will probably finish everything in an hour – and then I will head to bed, just when everybody is waking up and excited to greet Friday. Well, I have been operating on my own timezone for the past three weeks – with each data set requiring around two hours to process, the analysis does require a lot of patience and determination. So I have been staying up until the wee hours of the morning. I’ll probably achieve a new record today – the latest that I’ve stayed up so far is 7am. The good news is: I’ll probably return to the normal timezone from tomorrow onwards after I get rid of the wooziness due to the sleep deprivation and ‘jetlag’.

I have coded six of the last datasets so far, and of the six that I have coded, three are finished and three are yet to be processed. I suppose I am savouring the final moments of this tedious journey before I write the findings and focus on the actual thesis. A bit masochistic perhaps, but I may not experience this kind of mental craziness ever again! 🙂


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