Weekly10 [26|08|07]

I’m watching Australian Idol at the moment and I thought it’d be a good time to compile my Weekly10 for this week!

Hey Eugene!


  • OnceI have raved about this movie so much lately. The soundtrack CD is also a gem – Hot, hot, hot!!!
  • Finished reading Boy in the World – Niall Williams latest book.
  • Pink Martini‘s latest album Hey Eugene! – after their two most enjoyable albums!
  • The seeds and bulbs that I put in the planter box have started to bud!
  • RSPCA Animal Rescue – the program that I watch quite religiously on Tuesdays!


  • Feeling down and lonely most of the weekend – ahh, just a spell of melancholy, I suppose. I’ve bounced back!
  • Not having enough rain – the first half of the year was good, rain-wise, but we still need some more!
  • The pendant lamp in the living room – ever since the lightbulb blew out last week, it had coughed out the lightbulb that I put there! I have sacrificed two energy-saver bulbs. They’re more expensive!
  • Traffic jams in the morning – I guess I’m getting spoiled by living in Adelaide where traffic is generally good but I’m getting really annoyed by the jams in Pulteney Street and Wakefield Street in the morning. Argh! 😡
  • Still battling the weeds in the backyard and frontyard.


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