I watched Once today after receiving a free ticket for two for the sneak preview this weekend, unfortunately I couldn’t get anybody to see it with me so I went there alone after lunch. It’s a brilliant movie which I really enjoyed a lot. The premise of the story is really simple: a street busker in Dublin, Ireland who tried to break into a recording industry. He met a Czech girl who was also struggling to earn a living by being a cleaner, selling The Big Issue, and selling roses on the street. He found out that she could play piano pretty well, and had a nice pleasant voice as well. It’s nothing complicated – the scenes were not constructed through clever angles, no fancy schmancy lighting, but the whole thing works really well. The movie is full of sincerity and so down-to-earth – it’s like being with a group of close friends over an intimate dinner.

Before I went to the movie, I decided to take a gamble and buy the soundtrack from Borders in Rundle Mall, and oh, by golly I’m so glad that I bought the CD – I’m listening to the CD now, whilst typing this blog entry in my dimmed living room, with the glow from the gas heater and the bookcase lamp accompanying me. The scenes and the emotions that I captured from the movie came flooding back again. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were so natural, so believable.

It’s certainly one of the most enjoyable films that I have seen in a long while. Highly, highly recommended [9/10]. The CD is also fantastic – go and get it!

Here’s the trailer for you …


Here’s the homepage of the movie as well – click here.

*long sigh*


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