Immaturi (The Immature)


My personal finale for the 2011 Lavazza Italian Film Festival is Immaturi (The Immature) – which is the story of a group of friends, successful in their own separate ways, who have been informed by the Department of Education that their highschool diploma has been annulled due to some irregularities in the results from their particular school.

A late-night radio DJ who refuses to grow up, a successful psychiatrist who wants his ideal life never to change, a cook who’s afraid to fall in love, a single-mother marketing executive who has an unrequited love for a fellow schoolmate who still lives with his parents at the age of 40 are some of the key characters that we get to know from the movie. Immaturi is unashamedly a feel-good movie – cheesy but in an enjoyable way. For somebody who is steadily reaching his 40th birthday, I can understand the sentiments from the group – the sense of camaraderie, the memories, the unfinished business, and just the amount of fun that can be had when good friends get together.

The movie has some great tracks that complement the warm-and-fuzzy nature of the story as well such as INXS’ Beautiful Girl, Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly and Morcheeba’s Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. This may not be a high-brow, cultural movie and again, if I can liken the movie to a dish, it would be something simple and rustic, with strong flavours that somehow complement each other. It may not be a fine-dining experience, and perhaps it’s like a visit to your neighbourhood cafe – but by golly, it satisfies you.




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