Nessuno mi può giudicare (Escort in Love)


The actual translation of Nessuno mi può giudicare means “Noone can judge”, however the international title for this movie is Escort in Love, which is arguably more marketable. The movie revolves around Alice (Paola Cortellesi), a seemingly wealthy socialite who has to lose her privileged lifestyle – including her three servants – when her husband had an accident and died. In order to keep custody of her son Filippo (Giovanni Bruno) and to pay off her late husband’s debt, she moves to the poorer district and works as an escort, so she can earn 1000 Euros per day. Now what happens when Alice falls in love with her neighbour Giulio (Raoul Bova)?

The story is simple and predictable and some of the scenes are so over-the-top that the kitschiness meter must be overheating.  You can probably guess the ending as well from my brief description above. However, watching this movie is like eating, say, a crumbed sausage pack with gravy and chips from a fish-and-chip shop nearby. You know that it’s not nutritious – it’s junk food, really – and that it is in the same league as cheeseburgers and hotdogs. However, it is satisfying and it ‘hits the spot’. The movie is a bit crass and as I mention previously, a tad over the top sometimes but it wears its heart on its sleeves. I presume that the director – Massimiliano Bruno – must’ve worked hard to successfully convince the audience to fall in love with Alice and her character.

I would recommend this movie to anybody who’d like to laugh and come out of the theatre smiling – it’s nice to hit the ‘Pause’ button from work and the distressing news at the moment and just enjoy a simple, heartwarming story.






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