Un Altro Mondo (Another World)


The premise of Un Altro Mondo (Another World) is simple – a hedonistic man, Andrea (Silvio Muccino) suddenly told that the father who he had not seen in years, has another boy – Charlie (Michael Rainey, Jr.) and that he has been appointed the legal guardian. Many movies have tackled the story of a hapless self-centric suddenly having to take care of a small child – Hugh Grant’s About A Boy and Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy come to mind. The extra ingredient added to the movie is that the boy is half Kenyan, as the father remarried a Kenyan lady in Nairobi. She also passed away several years before. Andrea then has to face his lover, Livia (Isabella Ragonese) when he brings Charlie over from Nairobi to Italy.

The movie also stars Greta Scacchi as Andrea’s cold and distant mother – and somehow the actors in the movie complement each other to make this movie a success. Silvio also reminds me of Australian actor Matt Newton in the movie. I would believe it if they play together in the movie as brothers. 🙂

You can probably guess how the story goes and how Un Altro Mondo ends, however Silvio Muccino who also directs this movie manages to make the movie fresh and engaging. I was still smiling when I left the theatre. 🙂 The most enjoyable movie out of the three that I have seen so far from the 2011 Lavazza Italian Film Festival.







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