Weekly10 [19|08|07]

It’s a pleasant Sunday here in Adelaide – and before I start a new week, here’s my Weekly10 for the week ending 19/08/07.

Elderflower Syrup


  • I have two box planters on my side fence now! Still looking for two window metal box planters, but I’ll wait until the Royal Adelaide Show to see whether they have them there!
  • Getting the reimbursement for my MacBook through salary sacrifice at work.
  • Elderflower syrup with mineral water – so refreshing!
  • Had a haircut on Wednesday – ahh, I no longer look like a panda! 😀
  • Port Power is #2 on AFL ladder!


  • Not having enough dosh to travel overseas! 😥
  • Busy week ahead – not really a negative, since I much prefer to be busy than to be bored!
  • Church schism – I really *hate* it when people revert to small talk (basa basi in Indonesian) and avoid the real issue. Some people left our church last year and they have actively recruited people to get out of the church and to move elsewhere, just because they had issues with the Pastor. 😡
  • Feeling mentally tired – where o where is my helper?
  • Still too much weed in the garden – I did manage to rip out some soursobs, but there are still heaps left over to kill! Argh!

Oxalis pes-caprae

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