Peeing is believing

Indy has claimed this couch as his in the living room


It’s nice and warm in my study at the moment with my electric heater casting an orange glow on my exposed legs. I’m doing some late night work – extracting and processing data for my thesis as I know that I have limited time to do all of the analysis and then write my thesis at the same time. Indy is softly snoring outside in his bed – he’s quite used to our routine now and doesn’t whine when we leave him in his bed at night. It leaves me with a cosy feeling hearing him breathing outside – it’s like having a child around, I suppose. 🙂

Indy is still wearing his Elizabethan collar to prevent him from licking the stitches. So far the stitches are healing really well and I think I would change the appointment to have them removed from Monday to this Saturday, so I can give him a warm doggie-shower down the road on Saturday and do our walk around the neighbourhood again without feeling a tad silly. I have started to walk him around, just to prevent him from being a lazy and fat boy. He has become much more affectionate and docile after the desexing operation – which I have certainly enjoyed. He would even let me rest my head on his tummy when he sleeps on the couch now. He has stopped lusting after my arms as well (phew!) so all in all, the operation has turned Indy into a more ideal pet dog.

Indy has truly become a member of the family – whenever I return from work or even when I greet him in the morning, he would rush around the house in happiness like a madman. He would grab one of his toys, and then rush around the house. Complete with the Elizabethan collar, it also means bumping into things and shifting things around.

I can’t help missing the old ‘zestier’ Indy though. I appreciate him being ‘him’, and not necessarily being a totally submissive pet. In the old days, although I had to be on guard against him humping my arms, I enjoyed a ‘wilder’ Indy. He seemed to exert his character a lot more – so I had to earn his trust. Before his desexing operation, whenever we walked around the neighbourhood and encountered a mean and barking dog inside a property, Indy would cheekily pee and mark his territory near the barking dog. He would then trot around happily as if he had accomplished his mission for the day. After the operation, I hadn’t seen him pee in the backyard with one leg cocked up in the air anymore. He would pee like a true lady – to my horror. I don’t know whether it is normal for desexed male dog to pee like a female dog. :O (Although I think my Murraya shrub would appreciate it, since it was Indy’s favourite spot to pee before his desexing operation).

So when I walked him around the neighbourhood, complete with his ridiculous blue Elizabethan collar, I didn’t expect him to mark his territory like he used to. He was so excited when I showed him the leash, as he hadn’t had a decent walk for a while (I gave him a short walk on Saturday morning when I bought the weekend paper). I was a proud Dad when at one spot during our walk, he lifted one of his legs and marked his territory again.

Peeing is believing.


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