Yay – it’s Friday!

Ahhhh – such a nice feeling to have Friday at last. This week has been quite taxing mentally – there seems to be a lull at the office. I don’t know whether it’s due to the news that was announced last week or what – in terms of workload, I think this week is a tad bit lighter than the previous ones but I am sapped mentally! I’m about to take a shower in a minute but I can’t resist posting an entry here whilst having my morning coffee.

Well, today’s going to be choc-a-block with meetings but at least it’s the end of the week! Hurrah! Kath & Kim are on Sunrise as I’m writing this. The series has moved from ABC to Channel 7 so I suppose it’s something to watch on Sundays. For those who are not familiar with the series, it’s an exaggerated depiction of life in an Australian suburbia. 😀

It’s time for me to face Friday – head on!!!! Yaaay! 🙂

Kath & Kim

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