The Day Indy Lost His Goolies

Groggy Indy with his funky blue Elizabethan collar


When we adopted Indy earlier this month, he came with all of his manhood intact.  It’s quite common to adopt desexed dogs and cats already thesedays, as desexing helps to keep the number of stray dogs and cats down. The previous owners did suggest that we might want to desex Indy to tone his behaviour down. When we met Indy for the first time, he carried his favourite ball around and dashed around in the backyard and I thought that I should definitely calm him down a bit. 🙂

However, after having him for nearly three weeks, Indy is proven to be  a sweet, sooky boy with a great heart. He doesn’t really get rambunctious – he adjusts himself really well to our life. As mentioned previously, he tends to be quite submissive when he’s around stronger, more vocal dogs. At home, his favourite technique to subdue my anger (especially when I told him off for humping my arm!) or when he wants to grab my affection is to quickly drop and lie down on his belly, requesting me to give him some belly rub. 🙂  We only had one scary incident when I accidentally let him out without his leash – he ran through the street and wouldn’t respond to my voice. He looked back at me and then continued on. I was so afraid that I would lose him, until I thought about ignoring him and running the opposite direction back to the house. That trick worked. He was curious about where I was heading and tried to take over and run to the house. Apart from that one incident, Indy behaves really well when we walk around the neighbourhood in the mornings and in the evenings. He plays nicely with any dogs that he meet (and sometimes he’s acting aloof and ignores them). Haha.

The only behavioural issue that I had with him was his habit of humping my arm when. Maybe it was the “alpha-male” power struggle thing, maybe it was hormonal – but he didn’t want to do it to Yani *grin*. That was the catalyst for me to get him desexed. When I got Indy vaccinated a couple of weeks ago, the Vet also suggested that I should desex him before we joined an Obedience Class as he might become more obedient after he had his goolies snipped.

So that day is today – I arranged for him to have the operation this morning. He had his last meal last night after which I put him on a fast. It was a rainy morning and he was probably wondering why I didn’t serve him breakfast and why I didn’t ask him to go for a walk. He was whimpering a bit in the car when I drove him to the Vet. Maybe he had an inkling of what would happen to him today. He was shivering a bit when I left him with the receptionist. She mentioned that he would be ready for pick up after four o’clock.

The new kind of dog breed - Bucket-head Staffy. I shouldn't really make fun of his misery ...

Yani and I picked him up at around 6.00pm – the receptionist led him out after we did the administration. He was wearing a silly blue “Elizabethan collar” – he was also still very groggy after the operation. She advised us to feed her a small amount of food tonight and only to give her the normal amount tomorrow as the anaesthetic might make him sick if we fed him the normal amount. I gave him a lamb neck that he chomped down quickly along with two treat sticks – I didn’t dare to give him the normal meatwurst dinner in case he vomited the food out.

He endured the whole ordeal like a champ. He was so excited when he saw me at the Vet and tried to give me a kiss through the plastic collar even though he was very lethargic. I couldn’t stand the sad look in his eyes – it was as if he were asking me, “Why Dad? What have I done?”. He does have sooky sad eyes anyway. He has been extra clingy to me tonight. I do feel sorry for him for having to lose his goolies and for having to endure the humiliation of wearing a silly collar for two weeks. It’s the price for longer and healthier life and for being a more manageable dog. It’s the price that they have to endure for their obedience to us. That makes me love him more.


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