Life with Indy

Indy with his chewed-up footie ball


It’s been five days since we adopted Indy and it’s been great so far. He has proven to be a loving and inquisitive companion – he just had his first doggie bath today at the Big Bucket Car and Doggie Wash up the road at South Road. He trusted me with the process of shampooing, rinsing and conditioning – it was only when I did the blow dry that he jumped out and freaked out a bit. 🙂 It is amazing to think about the level of trust that he puts in me – when I put him back in the tub, he stayed and let me finish although he let me know that he wasn’t enjoying the blow dry by shivering and showing his fear.

Having Indy has been good for my health too, I suppose – I have been true to my commitment that I walk him every day, in the morning before I go to work, and when I get home in the evening. My daily routine is now to get up earlier, feed Indy with his favourite meatwurst, walk him around the block, feed the fish and then get ready to go to work. When I get home in the evening, I feed Indy again and then walk him around again while Yani prepares our dinner. In the first couple of days, we put Indy in the back porch for the whole evening, where he would whine and holler when he knew that we were still awake inside. He always wants to be included as part of our activities. Within the last couple of days, we only put him in the back porch on his own when we’re having dinner inside – but as soon as dinner’s over, we let Indy in again. He loves the couch and jumps on it to let us know that that is his spot. He also loves to annoy Yani by jumping on the big couch (where Yani has claimed that it’s her personal spot in the living room … hahaha).

I love the crazy run around and the wiggles whenever he sees me after a period of absence – either a couple of minutes or for a whole day. He would dash around the house, panting and snorting, showing his pleasure to see me again. He would then run and pick his favourite chewed-up footie ball and run around again. Then when he has settled down, he drops on the ground and requests a belly rub, laying down in an upside-down gecko-like posture. 🙂

The "Catch-me-if-you-can" Look

Apart from the chewed-up footie ball, he has a couple of other favourite toys: an empty carton tube (the leftover from our kitchen paper towel) and a purple doggie toy that I stuff his treat in. The ball remains his favourite toy, though. I would snatch it off him or pick it when he’s not aware and then tease him to grab it off me in the backyard. He would wiggle and jump, trying to bite the ball off me and I would relent after a while and throw it for him to catch. He still doesn’t know how to drop the ball and continue the game. He would then rush around with the ball with a half-glance towards my way as if to say, “Catch me if you can, Dad!”. 🙂  There are a lot for me to learn about canine behaviour, but so far so good – Indy and I have struck a nice balance together where we adapt to each other. I’m also happy to report that I haven’t lost any socks or sacrificed any shoes. The door to the back porch has some scratch marks from Indy’s first days jumping and crying for us to let him in – but it’s really nothing major. We also only had an incident where Indy was naughty and did the poo inside – Yani was home when she did it and had left him in the living room. When she took a shower, Indy went into our bedroom and presented her with a gift on the floor. I laughed when I read Yani’s text message as I could imagine her freaking out *grin*. Apart from that one incident, Indy has been polite enough to go outside and do his business there. 🙂

In the last five days I know that Indy hates cats – whenever he sees one, he would get excited and bark. I also know that he’s quite a pacifist and sooky pooch. When we walk around the block, there will be times when we encounter a more aggresive and barking dog in one of the houses. Indy would ignore them and continue on – although the previous owner has also mentioned that Indy tends to take on a more submissive role when he plays. I don’t mind having a sooky pooch – as long as he has a good heart. 🙂


In about ten days though, unfortunately Indy would lose his manhood – I have made an appointment to have him desexed on the 16th of August. His goolies will be cut off and he would have to endure the Cone of Shame for a couple of days until the stitches heal. I am yet to register him at the local council – I’m going to do that after he’s desexed. I will then enrol ourselves at the Tuesday evening obedience class and see what lies ahead! 🙂

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