Why Walk When You Can Gallop

After spending the last twenty four hours with Indy, I get to love the silly big guy more and more. Due to the onset of a cold that I started to feel last night, I went to bed early – ignoring the whimpering sound that Indy made in the back porch. By the time I got up in the morning and got dressed to give him a walk around the neighbourhood, he was still asleep on his bed. Well, pretended to be asleep, to be more precise – as the sound of the door opening woke him up and started his dance of joy around me.

I served him breakfast of some heated dog meatwurst and then we started our walk around the neighbourhood. He was happy walking around, sniffing and marking as per normal, and did the poo – just like last night. I suppose it’s part of having a dog as a pet here in Australia, that you also need to be the poop scooper after your dog does his or her business. 🙂 Afterwards, I played around with him some more before I had to go to a lunch meeting at 11.00am. By then Yani had gone to her volunteering work as well, so it was just me and Indy. Before I went I made sure that I trained Indy to use the doggie flap-door on the security screen door, so he could get into the backporch or out to the backyard when he wanted to. After using some treat to entice him to go through the doggie door, Indy is now happy to use it to go in and out of the house. I pretty much had to leave him whimpering as I really couldn’t do anything else bar taking him with me to the city … it’ll be his life from now on, I suppose.

My lunch meeting went well at The Greek on Halifax, and afterwards I went to the office to do some work until about four o’clock. My cold had got worst by then, so I thought I should really head home and besides, I had an appointment with the Vet at 5.15pm to get Indy checked and to get him up-to-date with his vaccination. I made a detour to a nursery store to get a safety gate, so I can install it on my study room door that connects to the back porch. I wouldn’t want Indy to tear through my papers or books when he is bored! :O I also stopped by the chemist’s to get some cold tablet. I don’t want to be sick for too long!

The visit to the vet was uneventful at the beginning – Indy did his friendly hello to a Rottweiler-x-Ridgeback and then waited patiently until our turn came. The receptionist commended on my bonding skills as Indy looked very comfortable with me. Even she was won over by Indy’s chilled and calm behaviour. He is a handsome boy! 🙂 When we met the vet, she took some blood sample to check whether Indy had heartworm. The test was all clear. Phew. She also did four vaccinations, one of which was done through his nose. Ouch. 🙁 When we got out of the room, we had to wait for the receptionist to finish serving another customer whose dog was just recently desexed. The process took a long time – and unfortunately Indy got sick after a while and unloaded his breakfast … I was pretty embarassed but I’m sure they have experienced all kinds of accidents like that over there. Indy got sick again in the car, thank goodness I had a bedsheet covering the backseat … He looked a bit sheepish afterwards, probably realising that he had done something bad, and I did my best to reassure him that everything was okay.

We did our walk around the neighbourhood again when we got back – at first he didn’t want to have his dinner. I wasn’t sure whether I should feed him at the beginning but I took my chances. Because of his empty stomach, he didn’t do the poo when we did our walk – it was only when we returned home that he ate his dinner and did the loo break in the backyard. It’s probably too much information, you may think. I just want to chronicle everything so I can remember or relive the moments in the future.

So it’s time to go to bed and Indy is whimpering again in the backyard. He is extra sooky tonight, probably because of the vaccinations. The last twenty-six hours with Indy have been good revelations for me – Indy has proven to be a dog full of love and energy. His motto on love is probably ‘Why Walk When You Can Gallop’ – just one look on his eyes, you would see the level of trust and love that he has for Yani and me. I suppose Yani hasn’t bonded with him all that much – I’m sure that the opportunities will happen in due time. 🙂 He is 15.6-kg full of muscles and love [except for cats – I had to hold on to the leash strongly as cats excite him too much!] 😀

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