Weekly10 [12|08|07]

I suppose it’s better to have my Weekly10 on Sundays, rather than on Fridays! 🙂 So here’s my Weekly10 for this week:


  • Window metal box planter – the quest continues! I want to get two nice window metal box planters for the front windows and none of the stores in Adelaide stock them. Argh.
  • Spring is definitely here – sunshine, crisp mornings, chirping birds, budding plants …. aahhhh! 🙂
  • Niall Williams’ Boy in the WorldNiall Williams is one of my favourite authors. He has a great way of infusing his sweet Celtic sentivity into his works. I’m enjoying his latest book and will write a review soon.
  • Receiving my Penfolds Grange 1998 – nicely packaged and the envy of my workmates! 🙂 I got it for filling in a survey after the Consumer Analytics conference!
  • A merger between Adelaide Bank and Bendigo Bank, to be finalised in November 2007 – what will it mean to my future career? Only God knows! I’m quite upbeat about it though.


  • The house is in a mess and I need to do my spring cleaning next week!
  • Seeing Christmas trees already on sale in K-Mart – Christmas is coming sooner every year!
  • Interest rate rise on Wednesday – Reserve Bank of Australia has increased the interest rate to 6.5%. Whilst it doesn’t affect my mortgage, because I’m locked in a 5-year fixed rate of 6.55% (Hurrah!!!!), it will affect me through the increased interest rate on my credit cards. Yeah, long gone are the days when I was a transactor!
  • Ibu Wati has left the building – a member of the Indonesian church left for good on Saturday. One less congregation member, one less singer …
  • Too much weed in the garden – those soursobs are a real pain in the bum!

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