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I returned to Adelaide’s sunny but cool winter’s day after the flight from Jakarta, via Sydney. I sat next to a tall man in my flight from Jakarta to Sydney and judging from the way that he wriggled around pretty much the whole flight, he probably wished Qantas had greater legroom. We were snug together, without meaning to – so after a while we both didn’t mind sitting with our shoulders or our legs touching. Haha.

I only had to wait for over an hour in Sydney this time, after passing the long line at customs – thankfully they didn’t confiscate any of the food. I accidentally dropped one of my photo frames though – although the glass didn’t break, the wooden frame was broken into separate pieces. 🙁 I sat next to an elderly couple from Goolwa, who had to fly back to Adelaide quickly after only spending a week in Dubbo, New South Wales on their caravan holiday. The lady’s mum passed away either today or yesterday, so she and her husband only packed what they could and stuffed some clothes into a shopping bag and a laptop bag and headed back to Adelaide for a week. Because of what happened to me with Papa, we ended up conversing about our families – which was kinda nice.

Yani was away teaching Indonesian to a student up north in Nailsworth when I returned home, so I had a shower, got dressed, dilly dallied a bit with my computer and downloaded the bazillion emails from the server into my computer. Afterwards, I pruned the bush and the Oleander trees lining the driveway so I could drive Burton from the confine of the garage into the open air again. Although I am tired, I still had a lot of adrenaline running through me this morning so I decided to repot the Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ plants in the porch (they were looking really sad as I had neglected them for ages!) and even pulled some grass stalks that are growing really widly in the northwestern area in my frontyard. Again, I have neglected that part of my yard for ages – the last time I did some serious pulling and cleaning was probably in 2009! 😳 I still didn’t manage to pull all of the grass stalks out, but at least it was a good start so the proper plants and bushes can grow again without being outmanoeuvred by the grass.

I needed to buy some more potting mix for the Philodendron and I was feeling a tad hungry so I drove to the local shopping centre, had some Nando’s, and then did some grocery shopping and bought a new pot and some potting mix. It showered as I stepped out of the shopping centre – I’m glad that I’ve managed to do some gardening before the rain came. Now that it’s all done, I’m feeling pretty tired and sleepy now. Yani asked me whether I wanted to go to Cocolat along with some folks from church, but I’m just too tired to socialise. Besides, I don’t feel like being confronted with the sympathies and the queries on what happened … perhaps on Sunday then I can face everybody all at once.

Life must go on, I suppose – the new week is just around the corner with things to do, projects to resume, people to talk to, meetings to attend, and so forth. It’s nice to be back home. 🙂


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  1. welcome home. it’s impressive that you could still have so much energy after a long journey from Indo, I normally just hit the bed straight away. NB: I like the way you potray your emotions and surroundings, you certainly have the talent to be a creative writer mate!

  2. Thank you, Kurt! 🙂 It was the adrenaline – now I feel 60 years old! Haha. Thank you for the kind words as well.

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