Satuday Melange

Saturday morning — I got up about 30 minutes ago … so barefooted I walked outside in my sarong and tshirt to pick up the weekend papers, hoping that the sight wouldn’t be ridiculous and offensive to my neighbours. It’s sunny and really pleasant out there – not too cool, and not hot indeed.

I then proceeded to make myself a cup of coffee and then checked my backyard, as I tend to do almost everyday now. I want to see the progression of my plants’ and trees’ growth. I can see the leaves budding on my Taiwanese green maple tree – but the crepemyrtle and my Japanese maple are still yet to wake up from their winter slumber. The thing that I’m really not looking forward to is to pull out the weed that is proliferating around my backyard. Argh!

Well, my coffee’s long gone and I’m now listening to Thomas Dybdahl – the mellow singer from Norway – one of my favourite singers ever since I picked up his CD at platekompaniet in Oslo last year. Listening to him is like resting yourself in a velvet couch, in a dimly-lit room, with a glass of wine or gin-and-tonic. Bliss.  I do need to head off now and rush to have my shower – I’m about to be picked up by the pastor in 20 minutes!

PS:    It’s amazing to get messages from friends and acquaintances telling me that they have been reading my blog! Hehehe – I guess I have to be careful what I put in my blog then. Haha. 😀

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