Rest in Peace, Papa


He wasn’t just a grumpy, complaining old man.
He was a boy, grown up without the love of a father.
He was a young man who chose to leave his study to be an obedient son.
He was a doting husband who loved his wife in his simple ways.
He was a father trying his best to feed and educate his children.
He was a proud grandpa, from the first grandchild to the ones following her.
He was a scholar and a seller. A layman yet a thinker.
He was the man glued in front of the television for quiz shows.
He was the child in a man’s body who loved fairs and games.
He was stubborn yet loving in the only way that he knew how.
He was far from perfect but he was my Dad.
Rest in Peace, Papa.

(23 February 1937 – 5 June 2011)

Published by fuzz

I've finally relented to the lures of blogging - and for those who care, well, I'm a self-confessed geek who's a wanderer at heart, who thinks and analyses too much, and who's trying hard to hold on to his 7-year old inner persona.

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  1. hi Ary, turut berduka ya… be strong and keep the faith, pass my regards to ibu lina.. God bless.

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