The preacher who cried wolf


Yesterday (21/05/2011) was meant to be the day of Rapture according to an American preacher called Harold Camping. Well, it didn’t eventuate – or I may have missed it (well, I certainly hope not … haha). Obladi – oblada, life goes on!

Rapture is when Christ’s true believers are gathered in the air to meet Christ. I know many people would smirk and snigger just reading the description – I suppose even if I put on my scientific and logical hat on and if I were not a Christian, I would’ve done the same thing. Faith is sometimes illogical – it cannot be explained through formulae or facts – but you know that it is the foundation that you hold on to. It’s like love – how can you explain love scientifically – even the rush of various hormones cannot explain the full gamut of the emotion.

I don’t blame some of my Facebook friends who had their field day discussing or even making fun of the news about rapture. Christians seem to be an easy target these days. Come to think of it, it has never been that popular being a Christian – even from the onset. Christians were considered weirdos, simpletons, puritans, killjoys, or deviants; treated as lion fodders, battled on, persecuted, and mocked. Some of those words still ring through even in present times. Admittedly some are deserved – a lot of the so-called Christians do not act Christ-like at all. Living in a country that’s branded as a Christian country by those on the outside, I know that the truth is quite different. Australia is getting more and more secular – the remnants of the Christian culture can only be found in the sayings, the holidays, and within its law and regulations.

Thus it’s not helping at all when some preachers who pick-and-choose different verses from the Bible and start using their dodgy calculations and guess-works to predict the end of times or rapture. Mark 13:32 in the Bible states “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert!”. Then how dare that these preachers predict the dates by stringing some unrelated numbers and come up with some random numbers. It’s like the boy who cried wolf – when the wolf actually came, nobody would believe him anymore. I suppose it is quite a devillish and effective trick to dull people’s attention and to trivialise the end of times into a laughing stock. In my younger days, I would’ve tried to debate those who dared to make fun of those – now, like an older and wiser dog – I know when to bark and when to stay quiet. All I know is, I hold on to this verse from Psalm 90:12 in the Bible, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

I wouldn’t make fun of those people who cried wolf – but would be watchful and keep myself alert. It’s not my call to make fun of them nor to stir the pot even further by rebuking or criticise them. There are just too many people who voice their pop-culture theories, philosophies, and beliefs that sometimes your voice is just lost in the cacophony of arguments and counter-arguments. To those who I care for, I simply just tell them to be watchful and be alert.

As a believer, I would write “when” in my next statement, but since you may read this post with an extra critical mind, I would use “if or when” instead … What’s your loss in taking stock of your life, be alert and be watchful and learn more about the Bible? What would you do, if or when the day actually comes?

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  1. he should be taken of stand from preching not only because he got it wrong again because he brought shock all over the world my brother was scared and would not go out but stay in with my mom .to be honest no one can pridict the end ov the world it will happen when it needs to, but we will be long gone before that so no one needs to worry.

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