A Theatrical Journal

It’s a theatre with a strict theatre master – he starts the performance on time and closes the theatre at the same time every day, even if the actors aren’t ready and are not well-rehearsed, and even if there are no audience in the room.

He equips the theatre with myriads of backgrounds and different types of lightings known to men – he skillfully orders his lighting men to change the lighting to match the background. Everyday there will be different plays hosted at the theatre – where the theatre is filled with laughters and raucous shouts one day, the next day gasps of horrors or silent sobs permeate the whole audience and players.

It’s the end of another play today …

The curtain is drawn, one layer after the other, the darker blue covers the lighter blue curtain that was hung just minutes ago, pushing the yellow and ochre curtains further away to the background. Some of the audience enjoy what they have watched and calls of “Well done!” “Bravo!” can be heard amongst the thunderous applause that fills the air. However, some agitated members of the audience try to still the applause. They desperately shout “No – one more scene! Just one more hour!”. With desperation clearly seen on their face, they try to jump to the stage to stop the progression of the curtains and open the stage once again. More curtains are drawn, one darker than the one before, ignoring the pleas of the desperate viewers. Some actors are happy to end the play today, and have started to retreat for the day. However, some can also be seen helping the dissidents on the stage to re-open that stage tonight.

Their attempt is futile as the theatre master starts to turn off the spotlight, the bright lights and turn on the small neon lights on the ceiling. That’s it, the play is over and the theatre master has made his decision – as strict and as reliable as always.

Tomorrow, a different play will be displayed, a different set of actors, a different group of audience. A different background, a different music, a different lighting – no play is ever the same.


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.
William Shakespeare – “As You Like It”


(c) Arry Tanusondjaja, 2007

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