One o’clock in the morning


It’s one o’clock in the morning and I’m just about to call it a day – wash my face, brush my teeth and head to bed. It’s been one long day for me – only going to bed at 2.00am the previous night as well after realising that I had coded my data incorrectly. That only meant that I had to spend more hours going through the data again – and rather than rushing through the hours again, I thought I’d do it more carefully to ensure that I wouldn’t have any other future detours such as this.

The day started with me waiting for half an hour for the bus to the city. I nearly decided to drive to work again as it was getting pretty frustrating – and then I received a sad and somewhat ‘inconvenient’ news – unfortunately I can’t divulge the information here, having given my word to keep it to myself for the time being. I suppose being more mature (read: older) now means that I can take things in stride and just get on with life. The next couple of hours just whizzed by after that – a tutorial class that I had to teach at 11am, followed by a tram trip and a quick stroll to Pirie Street to pick up my new glasses (getting older means that I have to get a stronger prescription for the lenses!). I then had lunch at Vegetarian Garden at Renaissance Arcade. I headed back to work after that and buried myself in my data until 3pm, when I had to attend a meeting with two senior staff members at the Institute. After that, more data coding and crunching using Excel – followed by an award-giving function that I had to attend in my capacity as the South Australian State Chairman of the Australian Market and Social Research Society.

On top of all of these activities, the news that my Dad had to undergo an operation this afternoon to remove his gall stones also hung over me. I suppose I need to be vigilant and ready – as Dad is 74 years of age and has had numerous strokes already. Yani and I pray every night for God to give my parents and Yani’s parents long life, peace and strength – but at the end of the day, it’s His prerogatives that I have to submit to. Thank God that my sisters informed me that the operation went well – Dad is still in ICU at the moment, as it was quite a major surgery, not just a laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon apparently removed a lot of gall stones – so hopefully that would relieve Dad from a lot of pain.

By the time I went home, I was mentally and physically tired – I drove back to the city to pick Yani up (she worked the evening shift today) and then I also did a detour to the servo nearby to fill up the tank: Thursday being the day to buy cheap petrol around here. After dinner, I immersed myself back in the data – so no wonder I’m feeling tired and numb at the moment. I wish I could go somewhere far away and not having to worry about anything!

So, that’s my day in a nutshell. It’s already 1.35am, I should seriously head to bed as I have a meeting with my supervisors in the afternoon, as well as a weekly meeting at 11.30am with my other colleagues who are members of the same Marketing Laboratory within the Institute. After the day’s over – it would be the weekend. Yay. More hours for data crunching! 😛


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