Something’s brewing …

There’s something amiss going at work in the last couple of days – even though I have my suspicions, I suppose I can’t really put my thoughts here. I don’t know who’s reading my blog anymore! It’s going to be pretty big though since the senior management seem to looking sombre and keeping mum about things.

I had a chat with a workmate yesterday over lunch, with all the argy bargy going on at work – maybe I really should adopt a puppy or a dog to keep my sanity. The gardening does keep me grounded – it’s so nice to see the plants growing and responding to my care. My next project is to find a metal window planter so I can put it underneath the window and create my french corner behind the garage. So if somebody out there knows where I can get a metal window planter here in Adelaide, I’d really appreciate the input! Nothing too frilly, though! 😀

Well, it’s Tuesday morning – I’m having my daily dose of Sunrise over my yoghurt and coffee. I’m about to take my shower in a minute and then rush around to get ready for work. I had a very relaxing shower last night – I thought it would be nice to turn the light off in the bathroom so I wouldn’t be distracted by the exhaust fan’s whir. I lit my candle in the bathroom and then voila, a relaxing shower! 🙂 I wish I had a bathtub, but then again with the water restriction and so forth, maybe it’s for the best!

It’s 7.45am now so I should head off now! Rubadubadub!

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  1. Well dear, isn’t corporate life always like that? they create mysterious plans to keep the employee tense… otherwise the big guys won’t have any excitement at all….. Its their games! Come to thing of it, life’s is like that too, if The Higher Being has revealed everything than we probably will not enjoy every steps of our life… talking about philosophy….

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