Burton’s expensive spa


After an overnight stay at the ‘spa retreat’, Burt is now back home – after his oil filter and air filter changed, his engine oil changed, and having his front and back brake pads as well as his drive belts replaced. The service and the replacements alone made a $1,384.85 dent in my credit card bill and I didn’t get all of the recommended services done because of the cost involved. At least all of the bare essentials have been taken care of. I don’t know what the equivalent will be if Burt were a real human – Burt probably had his nose cleared, muscles toned, and an enema? *grin*

I’m also advised to change the top engine torque mount as well as the lower engine torque mount (which will be a further setback of $566.20 + labour); the front lower control arm bushes ($372.20 + labour), and the trans solenoid pack ($938.40 + labour). Even fixing the faulty foglight indicator will create a dent of $415.80 + labour in my finance. When I bought Burt, the previous owner mentioned that although the foglight indicator was on, they had disconnect the indicator to the actual lights themselves, to stop them from being constantly on. He mentioned that to fix it would probably cost me around $100. Well, now I know the truth, eh? 🙄 The guy at the service station advised that the next one that I should prioritise would be the trans solenoid pack – as it helps the car manage the gear change. Having Burt serviced for the very first time has given me a crash course in car management!

So it’s time to save some more money and get the car fixed – at least the crucial ones – I don’t really need to get the foglights fixed as Adelaide doesn’t get really foggy at all. Ahh, the joy of having your own car, eh? I still love the freedom of having my own car so I can go wherever and whenever, without having to rely on bus route or bus timetable. It was raining as I drove home from the service station. I told Yani about the service cost that had to be paid and told her that I would go to nearest Bakers Delight to get some bread and to clear my mind. In pre-Burt times, I would’ve had to walk all the way from home to Anzac Highway and then walk back again – this evening, I just had to drive there and back.

Ah well – every beauty has its price! 🙂 *grin*. I suppose I just have to pay when Burt needs his costly rejuvenation spa! 🙂 Haha.

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  1. Wow ouch! Next time why not try getting a quote from an independent repairer as well as the Chrysler dealership. My mum’s car needed a new starter motor and Nissan wanted $913 for the part and $180 labour. She went to a local mechanice who bought a year old used one in excellent condition and installed it for $380. If dear Bert is no longer under warranty, second hand parts can do exactly the same job and keep on keeping on for years. Good luck Arry!

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