Burton is one sick puppy

When I bought Burt last month, the general feeling was that the car was in a tiptop shape, especially since with the low mileage and with the excellent overall condition. Looking at the service logbook though, it was clear that the previous owner stopped the regular servicing years ago – back in 2003. Burt had missed several regular check-ups already so I thought I would get him serviced when he registered 98,000 kms.

In the meantime, Burt has functioned as ex[ected – responsive, brakes well, turns and speeds pretty well also. I have also discovered that PT Cruisers do have poor turning circle – unless I do it in an extra wide street, a U-turn always end up being a three-point turn. I’m not that fussed through, I take it as Burt’s quirkiness. 🙂 I also treated Burt’s lack of power as typical of the model, so I treat him accordingly – like turning off the aircon if I want to drive up the highway. *grin*.

So, when he finally registered 98,000 kms during the weekend, I made an appointment with the Chrysler office here to have Burt serviced. I drove this morning to work and then left mid-morning to drop him off at the Adelaide City Chrysler Jeep Dodge. The gentleman who served me said that the car would be very likely to be ready this afternoon. Iwas a bit apprehensive about the cost, knowing that there might be other things that were discovered by the mechanics that would cost a lot of money.

Well, my fear has been realised. At around four o’clock, I gave them a call to find out whether I can collect the car in the afternoon. The same guy who served me earlier said that the mechanic was just checking my car and that he had found several things that needed to be replaced – and that he would give me a call back in thirty minutes with a list of things that needed to be changed. He did call back earlier and advised that a lot of things needed to be replaced: the air filter – because it was just filthy. I told him to replace it as it wasn’t that expensive. Then, came the expensive items to be replaced one after the other – as I know very little about car – I couldn’t really picture the car parts that he mentioned. He also mentioned that the brake pads – front and back – needed to be replaced as well. Burt is one sick car – although he valiantly appears healthy. It’s good that he’s serviced now so at least I know his real condition – I decided to get the brake pads replaced as well as the air filter, the drive belt, and the aircon belt. I’m going to call them tomorrow as well to see the total cost as it stands and see how much it would cost to include one or two more major parts that were mentioned.

I still like (or even love) the car – I suppose spending money on parts and service is part and parcel of having a car, eh? :sigh:

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