Faith and trust


It’s been some kind of a powerhouse of a weekend spiritually for me – with a lot of things circling around in my mind and in my spirit. A senior pastor of the church came around to our congregation this weekend to share his message – yesterday during the workers’ prayer meeting, as well as during the Sunday service today. His method of delivery is different to the style that we are used to and his way of looking at the statements in the Bible is also different to the viewpoint that we are used to.

It’s only when we hear his message – I realise that there are a lot of things that I don’t know and that there are a lot of different other unexplored directions that we can take in savouring the Word of God. One of the things that struck a chord with me is the notion of believing and understanding. The cornerstone of faith is not within the understanding but in the believing – even if we don’t understand it. I know I have heard this message so many times and may have even written one or two blog entries about it – and yet, in my stiff-neckedness, I still do it in my daily life. I still want to understand God’s plan and messages – before I can grasp and believe them. The pastor jokingly said that if we only want to believe in things that we can understand, we may end up ripping pages of the Bible that simply don’t make sense! Jesus walked on the water – hmmm, impossible. Rip. Jesus fed five thousand men – hmm, doesn’t make sense. Rip. God’s requirement is for us to believe even if we don’t understand.

Being an academic means that I need to subdue my thoughts under the Spirit – and it is quite a challenge, especially since I am trained to look at things empirically; to look for proofs. It’s good to have a mind-massage from time to time, to dismantle things that are not right – to be replaced with Godly concepts and building blocks.

Thinking about faith and trust reminds me of a song by 4HIM that has blessed me time and time again when I have a lot of questions about God’s plan in particular situations. The song is concluded with this statement, “Although down here I may not understand, I won’t let go of the Unseen Hand – for it holds the reasons why!”.  I want to be reminded time and time again, that I should be like a child, who holds on to his Father’s hand and follow Him, even if he doesn’t understand where he is going or what is happening next. The only thing that he needs to do is to trust his Father, and to know that he is safe and secure every step of the way.

That is faith.



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