Lazarus awakes – Part 2


It’s nearly 3.30am on a Saturday morning and I am still wide awake. :zzz: It’s not that deliberately stay up all night, but I have been working to resurrect my blog – which you are reading at the moment.

For the past four months, the access to my blog has been erratic at times. It started in January 2011 when my web hosting account was suddenly suspended without any prior warning – apparently my account was used to spam others. What irritated me at that time was the lack of communication or warning before my account was frozen. I had to rebuild the blog entry database and redownload WordPress as I was quite paranoid whether the files were corrupted. Then the troubles began – my website would be down for hours, sometimes several times within the same week. The situation wouldn’t have been acceptable at all in business world.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened on Tuesday – my website was down again. I contacted the support team of the web hosting company that I used – I received no response. I was getting more and more annoyed by the hour, I thought perhaps it was because of the time difference (the company is in the US) so I gave them time until it was during business hours over there. I still didn’t receive any replies. This went on for days until I’ve had enough. I downloaded everything and asked them to terminate my service.

Thanks to my friend Andris, I have now moved the web hosting to a new company – also located in the US.  I spent the last couple of hours uploading the files to the new server and rebuilding the database that is used to store the blog posts. Thank God for my geekiness – rather than panicking, I broke the problem down into manageable tasks and finished one after the other. 😎

Hopefully I have better service and support here – rather than the dodgy level of support that was given to me by LPCHost. It is quite unfortunate that I used to be very happy with them, when the company was still smartwebinc – many many years ago. Then, the company was either merged or gobbled up by andhosting – then somehow it was transformed into LPCHost. With each turn, their level of service dropped. A shame really. So folks, if you are looking for a web hosting company, do not go with LPCHost – just find another reliable provider. I am now with a company called Hosting Zoom – so far so good, I can even have a live chat with members of the support team rather than waiting for hours and hours for a response. 🙂

Now that my website is up again, my email is fully functioning – I can head to bed before the sun rises.

Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned.

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