A Perfect Ending to the Long Weekend



Today felt more like a late summer’s day with the temperature reached 25.8C at around 1.30pm especially as Yani and I walked along the River Torrens Linear Park trail in Windsor Gardens along with our great friends Graham and Cynthia, who I consider as my spiritual parents as well. Seeing Jake, their seven year old black labrador spashing into the river, oblivious to the presence of any other dogs, was enough to make you smile. Especially seeing how content he was as long as he had a long branch or a stick in his mouth. 🙂

Yani and I were invited for lunch over at the Taylors’ in Windsor Gardens so they could have a look at Burt and I could finally prove to them that I could drive. Haha. It was thanks to Cynthia and Graham’s suggestion that I should contact Cynthia’s niece who runs a driving school that propelled me to act on my (former) fear of driving. I had the phone number in my mobile phone for a long period before I was brave enough to call the number. The rest is history. 🙂

It was a pleasant lunch as we sat in the back veranda, and we chatted over numerous topics, while Jake tried to convince us to play tug-of-war with him. Although he is seven already, he’s more like a big labrador puppy! I really would love to get myself a canine companion here – especially now that I have a car! Stay tuned on that one, I may give you an update by the end of the year if we end up adopting a wet-nose member of the family!

After lunch we had a pleasant stroll along the River Torrens, passing numerous folks walking their dogs as well, while Jake happily ran around – with a long stick in his mouth. He would splash in the water, ran out, obeyed Graham’s order to drop the stick, and then chased the stick after Graham threw it in the river. The warm autumn afternoon was such a perfect setting for the stroll. 🙂

We headed home at around four-ish, after a short detour to the servo for some petrol, ice cream and some Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. 😛 The soundsytem suddenly refused to show the track or time display, although it still functioned perfectly. I looked around for some explanation on the Internet and one of the suggestions was to adjust the steering wheel tilt that would somehow kickstart the display to function again. A weird and illogical suggestion, I thought but I tried it nevertheless. It worked. 🙂 *grin*

So there you go, an end to a five-day Easter and ANZAC long weekend. I will have to return to work tomorrow, with two classes to teach tomorrow as well. Back to the safety of public transport and my iPhone music again! At least the next long weekend is not that far away – we’ll have the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. 🙂

Good night, world!


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