Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 - 9:44 pm

19 Apr


At long last, twenty years late, I have my Provisional Driver Licence! 😎

With my pastor’s help as well as with the kind assistance given by my friends from church, I completed my ten hours of night driving within a week so I could convert my Learner’s licence with a Provisional licence (P) today.

The guy who helped me looked at my record and noticed that I had an Indonesian driver’s licence in the past (which was useless as I really didn’t know how to drive and operate a car properly!). He mentioned that I could actually get a Full Licence – but then I said that I wanted to do things properly and that I didn’t mind going through the stages: P1 – P2 and then a full licence. He nodded and resumed his typing and then he confirmed again with me saying that I could actually get a full licence. I reiterated my wish to go through the bureaucracy – although other people may think that I should’ve just converted to a full licence rightaway. I’d rather be proper and safe than have a full licence and still drive like a novice. Hahaha. He gave me a provisional P1 licence that I can use for a month with the proper licence being mailed out within ten days.

Burt has now been equipped with the P plate on the front window and the back window to warn other motorists that I am a novice driver *grin*. He’s ready to rumble! 🙂

So, the great thing is that I can drive around during the long weekend to explore areas of Adelaide that I am yet to discover that are just too inconvenient to reach by public transport – I would love to revisit Myponga, head to Prospect for some decent macarons, go to Williamstown for a down-to-earth lunch, or a morning drive to Outer Harbor via Fort Glanville. I am planning for a drive up to Strathalbyn during the long weekend, just for a relaxing lunch and coffee and perhaps a look-see around the Hills around autumn. I’m not sure yet, but I sure can’t wait to add my driving hours and be totally relaxed and competent behind the wheel! I would love to go with Burt and play some old-style music to match Burt’s retro look. Perhaps Madeleine Peyroux’ songs? 🙂

Ah, it’s such a great feeling not having to impose myself on other people and not relying on other people to drive me around. Of course I would return the favour given to me all those years and would be happy to explore with my friends who do not have their own car!







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