Weekly10 [05|08|07]

Oops, a late entry this week – just had to many things to do!
My Weekly10 for the week ending on 5 August 2007:


  • Amazing Grace – saw the movie with 10 other folks from church. It was a good movie to see the impact of passion, tenacity, and faith.
  • Input from the Customer Analytics attendees – I received a letter from IQPC, telling me the comments and the satisfaction rating given by the conference attendees. Great comments, great rating!
  • Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventures of English – I’ve been watching the episodes from the DVD. It chronicles the wonderful journey of the English language from a guttural accent spoken around Friesland into a cosmopolitan language.
  • Spring is in the air – I can see little buds coming out from the trees – new life, new season, new groth.
  • Told by my sisters that they saw my profile on an EdLink ad in Indonesia – I guess it’s good to bring that pleasure to my parents.


  • Seeing Caven off at the airport on Saturday – one more good friend and fellow churchworker off …
  • Still haven’t received the promised Penfolds Grange – grrrr 😡
  • Still being too fat – have to lose my winter fat soon!
  • Bills, bills, bills.
  • It’s August already – time does fly! Before long, I’m sure I will see some Christmas cards and decorations at the supermarkets.

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