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It’s early Tuesday already – ten minutes past midnight and I am dead tired after a productive but mentally tiring day. Earlier this evening I also spent a couple of hours working with the data that would be the basis of my thesis. I received three years’ worth of data late on Friday that I would need to regroup and redistribute. I finished the 2008 data on Sunday night, and I did most of the 2009 data earlier. I couldn’t continue as one of the data file is incorrect so I have to wait for the replacement. I really don’t mind being busy – hard work doesn’t faze me. 🙂 I’d rather be totally immersed in work than being bored. Thankfully I was quite motivated at the office as well so I ended up making a good progress in the tasks that I needed to do. Being a research student does mean that I need to find my source of motivation – which can be difficult at times. I do miss the dynamism and the activities in the industry and being part of the actions. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the academic environment – but sometimes all the intellectual discussions, the ensuing politics and the conceptual thinking can be quite tiring as well.

Life is going pretty well though – as some of you have found out, I recently purchased a car – my first one really. At my ripe age. I do lead life in an unusual order – the common sequence is for people to get their car first, take a postgraduate degree if they so wish, get a job, get married and then get a house and build a family. Well, I started with building my career, then I bought my house, got married, started my postgraduate degree, and then got a car. 🙂 I dare to be different. 😉

I want to elaborate more about the car and about my driving experience but unfortunately my mind is demanding to have a little bit of a rest before another busy day at the Institute tomorrow so I think I will heed the call to sleep and will post another entry tomorrow. Adelaide has become cold as well lately – at the moment, the temperature hovers around 10C after reaching 18.3C around noon.  Autumn has certainly asserted her position after the Summer-that-we-didn’t-have. The maple trees lining my street have now changed their outfit from pale green into blazing red. Soon, other trees will follow suit and it will then be the time for me and the folks to make our annual pilgrimage up to Adelaide Hills to enjoy the autumn scenery. Summer has been unseasonably wetter and cooler than normal – to my memory, we didn’t really have any long spell of hot days and balmy nights this year. The La Niña phenomenon is to blame, they say. I’m not complaining, though. I like cooler weather myself.

Well, before I write an incoherent blog post, I’d bid you all good night :zzz: – and if you are reading this in a different part of the world and you are about to start your day, I wish you a very good Monday! 😎

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