The wonderful world of wireless

I’m sitting outside at the moment – feeling the cool late winter breeze. The bamboo windchimes at the top of the garage are gently swaying, whilst the birds are busy chirping and flying to and fro. It’s nice to be able to connect to the internet and enjoy the outside at the same time. I have a little table and two outdoor chairs situated to the site of the house, just behind the garage. It’s my little French corner. I want to put a box planter by the window, but we shall see. If it’s too hard or to expensive, I may as well forget it! Hehe.

I did my laundry already this morning before I saw Caven off so this afternoon I just had to hang them on the line. It was a bit sad to see Caven off at the airport – I was there with some folks from the Indonesian Church. At the end, the occasion that was meant to be sad, ended up being very frantic because Caven had too much to bring. 45kg!

But let me take a step back – this morning we had a prayer meeting at Ps. Toming’s house. Afterwards, we decided that Ps. Toming would drop Mary, Caven, and myself at the airport so he could check his stuff in, whilst the rest of the group would go straight to Ikea and wait for us to have lunch together. However, because of the hooha about the excess baggage, Caven and Mary ended up not having enough time to have lunch so they went straight in to the airport area. So, it was a bit anti-climactic at the end – I was involved in helping Caven sort out his stuff. He wanted to bring his towel, his winter jacket, his quilt :o, a half-used 1l bottle of Listerine, and a stack of DVDs that would surely weigh quite a lot. Hehehe. I suppose he really wanted to preserve his Adelaide memories by bringing his things of comfort.

I did have my lunch with Ps. Toming, Ibu Elvy and the rest of the group at Ikea while Caven, Mary, Ka’ Rondang and Pa’ Yos stayed at the airport. I had the yummy köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) and lingonberry sauce, as well as some garlic bread and the Princess cake. Very yummy. Sorry to digress, now back to Caven, Ibu Elvy tried to catch up with him after lunch because she had something to pass to her family in Indonesia but she was a bit too late. So yeah, no goodbyes at the end!

I would really miss him as a friend at church – I feel for Mary too, I suppose. I am quite used to farewells and goodbyes – I had my share of heartaches when I had to say goodbye to my Dutch friends from my Hampstead Centre days. People who I learnt to like a lot and confide in, ended up going away for good.

Well, the clouds are marching in and the drizzle will soon arrive as well – the sun is now retreating behind the cloud, and it’s a bit too cool to continue to sit outside so I’m going to get inside and get myself a cup of coffee.

Life’s good.

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