A day to breathe

Whitney Houston - 1985

It’s Adelaide Cup day holiday here in SA and I am loving it – although technically I can work from home during normal weekdays or take an annual leave, being at home during a proper holiday feels extra nice. 🙂 Rather than celebrating it by being on the race track, I decide to take things easy. I plan to go to the ABC Gardening Expo in a short while after I get myself sorted. In the meantime, I am just enjoying a lazy morning – I’ve finished my first coffee and I have also done the dishes as instructed by the missus. 🙂 I’m also listening to Whitney Houston’s first album. How time has passed since she looked fresh and ‘sane’. There’s a lesson to learn there folks – stay away from drugs and choose your spouse wisely! 😀

Listening to Whitney’s album does make me think about how time flies – it has been 26 years since Whitney released her first album. Whoa. In 1985, I started my Junior High in St. Aloysius in Bandung, Indonesia – feeling quite insecure and continuing my study in a school that was considered favourite in town in my white shirt and dark blue shorts uniform.  Those were the days when I listened to Phil Collins, Madonna, Johnny Hates Jazz and other 80’s stars. I think that same boy wouldn’t have thought that many years in the future, he would be an ageing ex-yuppie, still sitting in his nightshirt and sarong on a fine Monday morning – and still listening to Whitney Houston. 🙂

Well here I am, twenty six years later – a bit wiser, still a silly boy at heart, less insecure and wondering where all the years have gone. I know I have achieved lots in those years and experienced so much. I wonder what would happen in the next twenty six years – well, not really. 🙂 I know that with The Big Man who continuously holds my hand and my future, I am in safe indeed.

For now, I’m just enjoying a fine Monday – accompanied by the sweet-sounding, still-innocent Whitney Houston and with some Indomie Mie Goreng, courtesy of the missus. 🙂 My cough is getting better after an extra long sleep last night. Life’s good!

Have a fantastic day and a superb start of the week, everybody!


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