A mild case of mancold


It’s just a bummer having a cold – it’s hard to concentrate when your throat is scratchy and your nose seems to be involved in some kind of periodic exercise to test the power of gravity. Maybe it’s because of the changing weather and the progression from summer to autumn – who knows. Because of my cold, I didn’t go to see Biutiful on Saturday because I thought it would be really foolish of me to go out at 9.30pm to see a movie and be home after midnight when I was scheduled to lead worship at church on the next day. I spent most of Saturday sleeping and resting and it didn’t really eliminate my cold.  I also didn’t go to see Tuesday After Christmas on Friday as the movie was on at 2.45pm and I felt guilty of leaving work early to see the movie. So at the end I only watched four films and it felt enough; I still feel all cinema-ed out after the four movies that I’ve seen!

At least because of the extra rest that I took during the weekend, I’m only suffering a mild case of cold. It doesn’t turn into a full-blown of ‘mancold’. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, when a woman gets a cold, it’s just an ordinary cold. She would still force herself to get up early as usual, feed the children and go to work. However, when a man gets a cold, only a slight sniffle is enough to knock him out on the sofa all day. 😉 I did contemplate on staying at home to get rid of my cold once and for all – however, I had a weekly meeting at 9.30am along with other staff at the Institute as well as a training session at 2.00pm. It’s just ironic that the training session is postponed to tomorrow so I will still need to head off to work as well tomorrow. Grrr.

Today turns out to be quite productive though – I ended up doing some editing to the second chapter of my thesis as well as finishing some macro programming that has been asked of me. I also collected the bamboo windchimes that I bought from eBay in the morning, so I could hang it in my pergola. The windchimes produce great tunes that are reminiscent of the sounds that you hear in Bali. With the balmy air tonight and the chirping crickets, I can almost pretend that I am somewhere back in Indonesia. 🙂

To add the Indonesian theme, I have also been relying on the Indonesian herbal medicine called Antangin to cure my cold. Indonesians believe that when you get a cold, it’s because some wind has somehow entered your body and couldn’t find a way out *grin*. Some people swear by kerokan to get rid of the wind, which is done by bruising the skin on your back with a coin dipped in a mixture of eucalypt oil and vegetable oil, follwong a fishbone pattern on your back. I have never had any kerokan in my life and have no interest to try. However, I do like my Antangin as it makes my body warm – it’s basically a mixture of honey, ginger, and other herbs that helps your body to sweat the lurgy out. To ease my sore throat, I’ve also been popping Throaties with its aniseed flavour that I quite like.

So I haven’t really played the part of a mancold suffererer – having been independent most of my life, I prefer to just get on with my activities and let the sickness sort itself out. 🙂 To give you more idea on mancold, here’s a skit from a program that was aired on BBC many years ago!



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