Weekly10 [27|07|07]

Another hectic week for me – 2.5 days spent in Sydney for the Customer Analytics conference …

So here’s my Weekly10 for the week ending on 27 July 2007!


  • Speaking at the Customer Analytics conference – they like my ‘tofu dessert’ topic! 🙂
  • Krispy Kreme donuts – I ate too many of them though, I can see the impact on my waist line.
  • Winning a bottle of Penfolds Grange from a fill-in competition at the Customer Analytics conference. Hurrah!
  • It’s my mum’s birthday today!
  • Received my Melvyn Bragg’s The Adventures of English DVD this week. I love learning more about how the language evolves!


  • Being broke! – Heaps of bills to pay this month!
  • Getting fatter thanks to the Krispy Kreme that I have been eating for the past 3 days! (cf. my second Votshot item).
  • Marriott Harbour Hotel in Sydney – the lifts were slow (apparently they have been doing lift refurbishment for the last 9 months!) and I was put in a smoking room. The smell permeated the carpet and the bedding – it made the stay less pleasant unfortunately. Food and the rest were pretty good.
  • Work politics – need I say more? 😥 😡
  • HMV in Sydney will close on August 31. I usually pay HMV and Borders a visit whenever I travel to Sydney.

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